medical SERVICES

Medical care, anytime and anywhere

Counselling, diagnosis and treatment options over the phone, online or via mobile app. 

A better way to health

Telios Care redefines standards through technology and solutions geared toward improving the experience of beneficiaries. We offer our employees and insured persons specialized consults and treatment recommendations, any day and at any time.

Doctor cu stetoscop

Medical consults

Doctor consult in less than 30 minutes from the call to the Care Coordination Center.


Medical triage performed by nurses specially trained for telemedicine - the only service of its kind in Romania. 


The option to attach medical documents, photos, investigation results through the online platform or application, and get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Medicamente și vitamine


Advice and answers about a condition, diagnosis or treatment option.


Our doctors provide treatment recommendations and prescriptions, if necessary.


Medical reports for insurers for laboratory tests, radiology, imaging, nuclear medicine and functional exploration.

Consult virtual via telefon


Telephone checks carried out after the consult by specialized nurses.


New consultations carried out for patients that do not show improvement after followup.


When needed, Telios doctors consult another member of the U.S. medical team to ensure that the recommended diagnosis or treatment is correct.

Data protection and security

The Telios Platform has been designed to accommodate sensitive data and in accordance with the strictest security requirements. Our data storage Center and the Telephone Centre are HIPAA, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certified and in accordance with the rules on the protection and processing of personal data (EU GDPR).

Frequently asked questions

What are the most common conditions for which Telios offers medical advice?

Common conditions include allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cold, constipation/diarrhea, rashes, infections, minor wounds, sinus conditions, shingles, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, heartburn, nausea, skin inflammation, sore throat, sports injuries, fever, headaches, joint pain, minor pediatric conditions and many other non-emergency diseases. 

How many consults are included in the Telios subscription?

Unlimited. Do phone, online and video consultations

Am I talking to a real doctor?

Yes. Medical counseling, whether it is video, telephone, through the Telios portal or from the mobile application, is carried out by doctors and other specialists (dieticians, kinesiologists, psychologists).

Can my family members use Telios?

Yes. Your family members (husband / wife and children) benefit from the same medical services you receive, all from the comfort of a single Telios account. On request, life partners may have separate Telios accounts.

If I go abroad, can I access telemedicine services in Romania?


Can I get a prescription in a remote consultation?

As long as your diagnosis does not require further personal examination, your doctor may prescribe the medication electronically. Printed recipes are accepted during this pandemic period. A patient can print the recipe, go with it to the pharmacy and take the prescribed medication.

For more answers about the Telios Medical Service, go to the support page.

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